Welcoming Committee

In our own philoxenia - or hospitality - our Welcoming Committee members wear a pineapple pin the customary symbol of hospitality.

The Icon of the Holy Trinity which is in our Narthex and on our Icon Screen is called the "Hospitality of Abraham" and depicts the three strange youths who visited Abraham. They were angels and a prefigurement of the revelation of the Three Persons of the Holy Trinity - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

We open our doors to any and all who would want to "come and see" the beauty of the Kingdom of God.

Whether our guests are Orthodox, or inquirers looking for the Church of Christ, or anywhere in between, our Welcoming Committee seeks to greet them with the warmth and love of Jesus Christ. The members of the committee seek to make sure guests feel at home here, meeting them in the Narthex and finding them a place in the Nave. After the service, our committee members try to make connections for the guests, to find a table at the coffee hour and to introduce them to other parishioners. This is our home, and we hope you will make it yours as well. Our Welcoming Committee has taken the responsibility to ensure it!