The Holy Trinity Library

The library seeks to preserve our faith and heritage by providing our church community with access to books on Orthodoxy, Greek history, culture, and literature. 


The library, established in 1992 in memory of Elias Canelos, currently has approximately 2,700 books for adults and children.

The purpose of our library is to help preserve and promote
an understanding of our Orthodox faith and Greek heritage through the written word. In addition to books on Orthodoxy, Greek history, culture, and literature, we have a collection of
biographies, memoirs, and contemporary novels written about or by Greeks. 

Books may be signed out and borrowed with care for a period of four weeks.  The library is open every Sunday after church and during the week by appointment.  

Contributions may be made to the library to purchase and dedicate books in memory of, or in honor of, a loved one. 


The library continues to be open during the summer after church on Sundays and by special appointment during the week, if you call Denise Graf at 914-921-1475 to schedule a time.

Instructions for checking out and returning books are posted in the library, and we appreciate your consideration in following them. The library will be open during this year’s festival; please stop by to look through our collection and to purchase a book or two at our book sale.

Thank you very much to our donors for the newest additions to our bookshelves, which are listed

Recent Donations

Thank you!

Donated in honor of Father Patrick O’Rourke by Cleo Canelos

  • Gifts of the Desert: The Forgotten Path of Christian Spirituality

Donated in memory of Doris Soropoulos by Cleo Canelos

  • Loukoumi’s Gift (children’s)

Donated in memory of Doris Soropoulos by Stacy Raptis

  • Maybe God is Like That Too (children’s)

Our Wish List



  • The Mountain of Silence: A Search for Orthodox Spirituality                                                                                          $15.00
  • Two Become One: An Orthodox Christian Guide to Engagement and Marriage                                            $19.00
  • Steps of Transformation: An Orthodox Priest Explores the Twelve Steps                                                                  $14.00
  • Food, Fasting, and Health: A Sacred Journey to Better Health                                                                             $18.00
  • The Rise of Athens: The Story of the World’s Greatest Civilization                                                                     $25.00
  • The Parthenon                                                                $17.00
  • Stories from the Gerontikon (children’s)                        $13.00
  • God Gave Us Thankful Hearts (children’s)                    $10.00

If you wish to donate a book on the wish list please contact Denise Graf at or (914) 907-6383. Thank you!


Please Note


Many books are missing from the library. These books have been donated in memory or honor of loved ones and often cannot be replaced because they have gone out of print. Please return them to the basket in the church library or to the church office. Thank you very much!