Sunday School


Sunday School is offered from nursery/preschool through 12th grade.

Children are eligible to enroll in the program if they have had their third birthday by December 15 of the current year, and are potty trained.


Please complete and submit the registration form on or before September 15, 2019.

You can complete it online, or download and hand it in to the church office.


Minimum age for enrollment is 3 years and will be placed in our Pre-K class. Children must be 3 by December 15th and potty trained. Classes are set up according to grade levels in Public School.


The Sunday School year begins September 22, 2019 and goes to June 15, 2020.


An attendance recognition is given out each year to those children who do not miss more than 3 Sundays during the Sunday School year. When a child attends another Orthodox Church for service, he/she must bring a note from the Church School (or copy of the bulletin) indicating their attendance. Each student is expected to attend classes every Sunday. (Illness is not an excused absence)


Student Assistants are selected by Fr. Nick and must be High School Seniors, registered in the Sunday School Program, provided there is an open position. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Altar Boys

Any Sunday school student 10 yrs or older, wishing to serve as an Altar Boy must contact Fr. Nick. They must also be registered in the Sunday School Program.


Sunday School begins 10:00 am SHARP. Students and Teachers, excluding Pre-K & Kindergarten classes, must be in Church by 10:45, the latest. The Divine Liturgy ends at 11:30 am. Any child arriving after 10:10 am will be marked “tardy”. Four (4) tardiness’ will constitute an absence. Pre-K & Kindergarten Teachers and Students only begin their classes in their rooms. ALL other grades begin in Liturgy and proceed with their class to their room after the gospel lesson and “children’s” sermon.

Each grade will attend the full Divine Liturgy once a month according to the following schedule:

1st Sunday of the Month: 1st, 2nd, 9th & 10th Grades
2nd Sunday of the Month: 3rd,4th, 11th & 12th Grades
3rd Sunday of the Month: 5th & 6th Grades
4th Sunday of the Month: 7th & 8th Grades
5th Sunday of the Month: 9-12th Grades   


The children to pay a nominal registration fee of:

1 child        $ 30
2 children   $ 50
3 children   $ 60
4 children   $ 70

and make weekly offerings. These contributions help pay a small portion of our Sunday School budget and most importantly, cultivate the Christian idea of Stewardship to the children.


Ages: 13 through 18 years old

Cost: All members of our church who fall into this age bracket are automatically members of those groups. No sign up is necessary.

Description: GOYA is composed of young men and women.  Meetings are held once a month and are led by their peers and an adult advisor.  Activities include field trips to local points of interest, including outreach projects that serve the greater community, Christmas and Lenten retreats, and dances with other GOYA groups.


Ages: Grades 4 - 6

Cost: All members of our church who fall into this age bracket are automatically members of those groups. No sign up is necessary.

Description: JOY serves the spiritual needs of children from grades 4th to 6th and is led by adult advisors with experience with this age group. These activities are designed to help form a basic understanding of Orthodox Christianity and make lifelong friends. We start with pizza and juice for the kids.


Ages: Grades Kindergarten - 2

Cost: All members of our church who fall into this age bracket are automatically members of those groups. No sign up is necessary.

Description: HOPE is the ministry to Kindergarten through 2nd grade children of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. Since HOPE is a ministry, the orientation and implementation of the program reflect the Orthodox Christian Faith, Tradition and Life. The mission and goal of the HOPE ministry is to lead our children to experience Holy Orthodox Faith and become active sacramental members of the living church, equipped with the necessary tools for a journey toward salvation. Monthly meetings combine fun, learning, and spiritual development. We start with pizza and juice for the kids.

Camp Saint Paul

Camp Saint Paul is the Summer Camping ministry of the Direct Archdiocesan District. Campers experience a perfect balance of fellowship, educational and recreational activities, and Orthodox chapel and discussions. Their fully packed and fun-filled days truly allow campers to get the most out of their time at Camp Saint Paul.