Our History

We have inherited from our forbearers a heritage of sacred traditions: the faith of the Holy Orthodox Church and the ideals and culture of the Greek people. 

Through the centuries, much of the greatness of Western civilization has evolved from this proud heritage. When our parents (or grandparents) left their beloved Greece for a new life in America, their faith, ideals and culture gave them the strength to adapt swiftly – to learn a new language and find a productive place in this challenging new world. They were mostly poor and uneducated, but they were proud of their roots and determined to succeed. And succeed they did - the vitality of Holy Trinity today is the legacy of the tenacity of those who came before to make a new life for their family's future.

Our Clergy


Community Overview

Church Office

OFFICE and RENTALS: Eva Kokkalas


Archdiocese Liaison: Executive Committee
Audit: M. Damianides, A. Prifti
Choir Liaison: J. Pantginis
Compensation: A. Prifti, D. Yotides
Insurance: Executive Board
Annual Dance: H. Morik, C. Herzegovitch
Agape: J. Daskos, D. Kouloumbis, T. Dushas
Easter Feast: P. Constantinides, P. Koutsis
Elections: J. Dos Santos
Board of Elections: E. Zoulis, D. Soukas, A. Soukas, D. Keane
Finance & Banking Liasons: A. Prifti, M. Damianides
Greek School Liason: J. Dos Santos
Gym: J. Dos Santos, C. Papademetriou, B. Gianaris, J. Resvanis
Journal: Fr. N. Anctil, A. Soukas, D. Yotides, G. Longo-Gurr
Maintenance: G. P. Williams, J. Dos Santos, G. Manolakis
Narthex: Dino Yotides
Office: J. Dos Santos, A. Prifti
Outreach: D. Kartson, C. Kourakos, M. Scaros, C. O’Leary
Rental Liaison: J. Dos Santos
Senior Citizen: D. Kouloumbis
Stewardship: G. Longo-Gurr, H. Morik, Executive Board
Youth: J. Dos Santos, C. Herzegovitch
Web Design & Maintenance: A. Prime, A. Prifti
Festival: G. Manolakis, C. Papademetriou, J. Kohilakis, G. Kondos, and G. Kourakos
Festival Volunteers: M. Scaros, E. Primavera
Landscaping: J. Karagandis, C. Canelos


Greek School Director: I. Pantelaros
Sunday School Directors: C. Herzegovitch, C. Mavrovitis


Philoptochos: M. Sirras
AHEPA: J. Keane
Sr. Choir: H. Hiotakis
Sr. Organist: S. Papaioannou
Jr. Choir: G. Mavrovitis
Psaltis: A. Lampousis, J. Pantginis
“Mommy & Me”: T. Konstantakopoulos
GOYA: A. Cossifos, M. Dallaris
JOY: H. & M. Fotiadis
HOPE: A. Politopoulos
Mr. & Mrs. Club: J. & M. Kohilakis
Greek Dance Troupe: E. Metaxas
Greek Youth Orchestra: T. Kokkalas
Loukoumi: N. Katsoris
Axion Estin: A. Lampousis
Greek School PTA: A. Kapelonis
Young at Heart: M. Batsopoulos, A. Salvarakis
Library: C. Canelos,
Cub Scouts: K. Kingsley-Mulder
Boy Scout: D. Kerwick
Girl Scouts: H. Dallaris
Girl Basketball: R. Verdina
Girls Volleyball: R. Verdina
Youth Divisions Basketball A & B: J. Resvanis
Varsity Division Basketball: B. Gianaris, E. Noulas
JV Division Basketball: C. Papademetriou