Sunday School

Sunday School is offered from nursery/preschool through 12th grade. Children are eligible to enroll in the program if they have had their third birthday by September 20 of the current year. They enroll in the same grade as they would in their public school.


Books and Supplies

Books and supplies are provided by the Sunday School program. The curriculum and educational materials are those approved by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Department of Religious Education.

Assignments and Special Projects

While homework is not usually assigned, we encourage parents to have a discussion with their children about their Sunday School lessons. These informal conversations at home reinforce the lessons learned in class. Several times during the year the students will have the opportunity to participate in community service projects.


All students, after lighting a candle in the narthex, should go to their respective locations promptly at 10 a.m. Nursery/preschool and kindergarten students report to their classrooms located on the lower level of the main church building. Students in grades 1-12 go to their designated rows in the nave for the beginning of the Divine Liturgy. The center left pews are reserved for the Sunday School students. First grade sits in the first row with consecutive grades in the rows following. After the Gospel reading and Father Nick’s sermon for the children, the teachers escort their students to their classrooms for their Sunday School lesson. As the Gospel reading is an important part of the students’ religious education, every effort should be made to arrive on time.

Class Attendance

The Sunday School program values a student's consistent attendance. Frequent attendance enables a student to gain an enriched understanding and appreciation of our faith. If a student attends another Orthodox church, he/she may bring a note from that church to have his/her attendance counted. Those students who show a dedication to the program will be recognized at the end of the Sunday School year.

Students who arrive late to class or leave early interrupt the learning process for the entire class. While late arrivals and early dismissals sometimes cannot be avoided, we ask that parents try their best to avoid such situations. Students show respect for their church, teachers, and fellow students when they arrive on time, and parents show respect when they help their children meet those goals.

Class Participation in the Divine Liturgy

One Sunday each month is designated for each grade to attend the entire Divine Liturgy. Parents are welcome to sit with their children in the front rows on their respective Sunday. The schedule is as follows

First Sunday of the month: grades 1-2; grades 9-10 (if no fifth Sunday) Second Sunday: grades 3-4 and 11-12 Third Sunday: grades 5-6 Fourth Sunday: grades 7-8 Fifth Sunday: grades 9-12

Holy Communion

Holy Communion is offered during the Divine Liturgy for students who have prepared themselves to receive Communion. Preparation means following the Orthodox guidelines for fasting to receive Holy Communion. Children eight years and older should not eat or drink anything in the morning before receiving Communion. Parents are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the complete guidelines for fasting. Click here to see these guidelines.

Dismissal Policy

Students in nursery/preschool, kindergarten, and first and second grades are dismissed from their respective classrooms to their parents, older siblings, or authorized adults directly after antidoron has been distributed. We ask that parents pick up their children promptly so as not to cause anxiety in their children. Teachers cannot escort students to the social hall to join their parents after church. Parents must provide on the registration form the names of authorized adults or siblings over twelve years old as well as their own cell phone numbers in case of emergency.

All other students are dismissed from church to join their parents, family, and friends for coffee hour. Appropriate behavior of all children and parental supervision of children are expected in the social hall. Children may not return to their classrooms as all classrooms will be locked.


In coming to church to worship God and attend Sunday School, students should try to look their best. They should be dressed neatly and modestly. Inappropriate attire includes, but is not limited to, jeans, tank tops, T-shirts with writing, spandex, sneakers, and flip-flops. Parents should use good judgment in what they allow their children to wear to church.

Student Conduct

Students are expected to show self-respect as well as respect for other students and all members of our church community. Respect for church property is equally important. Students must conduct themselves in an appropriate and acceptable manner in class, church, and the social hall. Rudeness, use of profanity, gum chewing, roughhousing, or any disruptive behavior is unacceptable. Disciplinary problems will be referred to Father Nick.

Special and Medical Needs

Please notify the office if your child has any special or medical needs. Any special needs or allergies should also be noted on the registration form so the teachers can be prepared to meet your child’s needs. Permission slips signed by parents are required in order for a teacher to administer any medication to a student with severe allergies.

Family Worship

A few Sundays during the year are designated as Family Worship Sundays. These Sundays are opportunities to attend the Divine Liturgy as a family. Teaching our children about our Orthodox faith is not restricted to the classroom: parents, as the primary role models for their children, can teach their children much about our faith as they worship together.

Godparents Sunday

One Sunday during the school year is designated as Godparents Sunday. The students invite their godparents to attend church and ask them to prepare for and to receive Holy Communion together. This is a wonderful opportunity to reinforce godparents’ commitment to being the spiritual sponsor of their godchildren.

Teacher Assistants

High school seniors, registered in our Sunday School program, who wish to help in the classrooms should speak to the director of the Sunday School.