Altar Servers

Age: Boys, Grades 5 through 12

Description: Beginning in the 5th Grade and continuing through High School, we invite the young men of our parish to join in the service at the Holy Altar, as acolytes. There, overseen and directed by the priests, they not only carry candles and fans and censers in procession, but intimately learn the sacred services of our Holy Church, encounter the Mystery of Holy Communion, develop bearing and discipline, and humility before God. In the end, it is our hope that by this exposure, each of them will consider as a possibility in their own life the high calling of ordained ministry. 

In the course of their service, the altar servers are asked to carefully light candles, burn incense, carry heavy bowls of bread, and prepare and carry boiling water. Our altar servers are trained by our parish clergy and assisted by their more experienced brothers, but we ask the parents to prepare their sons to meet these tasks responsibly and respectfully.