OCF - First Forty Days Initiative

The First Forty Days: High School to College Transition

Research has shown that many college students form the habits and social groups that they will maintain for the entirety of their college career in the first six weeks of their freshman year. Thus, the Orthodox Christian Fellowship knows it is critical to personally contact every first-year Orthodox college student so that they know that an Orthodox family awaits them on campus during these crucial formative weeks.

Through OCF’s First Forty Days Initiative, our local OCF student leaders, spiritual advisors, and lay coordinators introduce themselves to all new incoming students, making sure that they know about Orthodoxy on campus and nearby Orthodox parishes. It is our hope that through this personal connection, our young college students will not only stay connected but deepen their faith during their years in post-secondary education and graduate to be faithful stewards of parishes across the continent.

Submit your incoming freshmen’s information by July 15th to ensure that your students will receive the full benefits of the First Forty Days Initiative.

Questions or comments? Contact us at firstfortydays@ocf.net.