2017 Greek Festival - Record breaking!

We are incredibly grateful to our friends, family, neighbors and extended community for helping us to make this year's Greek Festival one for the record books. We give glory to God for the temperate weather He blessed us with, and for the outpouring of His love we were able to share and witness. 

Philoptochos Comedy Night ft. Ellen Karis

Ellen Karis is the “Greek Goddess of Comedy,” and has had a successful career performing in North America alongside such notable comics as Drew Carey, Jimmy “JJ” Walker and Sebastian Maniscalco. The entertainment industry has hailed her as the “little dynamo,” given her petite stature, strong improv skills and her ability to build a quick rapport with any audience. Born and raised in NYC in a traditional strict Greek home, her brand of sarcastic, observational humor has been described along the same lines as comedy legends Joan Rivers and Richard Lewis.

Her energy and passion to bring laughs to any crowd is a must see as she jokes about her marriage and family, trying to make it in show business against all odds, addiction to sweets and the absurdities of the ever changing pop culture, youth obsessed world we live in. Available for purchase, her hour comedy special “By the Way, I’m Ellen Karis” filmed in New York City, has received rave reviews. Ellen enjoys acclaim and popularity in the Greek-American community, as she is one of the few Greek female stand-up comedians performing today with her hit show “Greek Chicks Rule” also available on DVD.

Starting her career as a CPA with an MBA in Finance, she parlayed her quick wit and job experience on Wall Street to become a political humorist on many of the Fox News Channel and Current TV shows, as well as a frequent guest on talk radio and Sirius XM. After co-hosting an internet radio show for several years, she now has two weekly radio shows “Karis Comedy Corner” on BBOXRadio.com and a “Being Reasonable with Ellen Karis” on the “Toughen Up America” Network. Ellen’s tell it like it is, common sense views about current events combined with her personal anecdotes and interesting array of guests, has caught quite the buzz as a different and intelligent voice to hit the airwaves.

Ellen is passionate about healthy living and wellness and actively participates in several philanthropic causes such as raising funds for Ovarian Cancer Research and Transcendental Meditation to Veterans with PTSD.

A Bittersweet Farewell

Pauline and George Marinos were presented with an icon of the Virgin Mary by Fr. Nick at the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy this morning as they bid farewell to our parish after serving the church in many capacities over the last 40 years. The Marinos' will reside in Florida.


Happy Birthday Fr. Nick

Wishing Fr. Nicholas all of God's blessings on the occasion of his birthday today. A birthday cake was shared with the community during the Agape hour. Χρόνια Πολλα!


Vespers for the Dormition in Danbury

Fr. Nick and Fr. Patrick participated in Vesper Services on Monday evening, August 14th on the eve of the Falling Asleep of the Virgin Mary at the Church of the Assumption in Danbury, CT.