"Last Night's Soup Run" published

Holy Trinity Parishioner Despina Kartson publishes her memoirs of 10 years of Soup Runs!


A memoir full of stories about the often-overlooked homeless population, Last Night’s Soup Run tells a tale of compassion and love via a collection of emails by Despina C. Kartson, a member of an outreach program that feeds the hungry on the streets of New York City.

Through these monthly Soup Runs over the last 10 years, the group has served more than 10,000 meals to their guests on 33rd Street. In these pages, you will learn about real people with real challenges. These individuals have taught Kartson so much, and she's privileged to pass their stories and lessons on to you. They are just like the rest of us, but they're often unseen -- passed over and lonely.

For years, via e-mails to the volunteers and supporters, Kartson has summarized the highlights of their Soup Runs. These first-person accounts offer a glimpse into the lives of those struggling every day with poverty and hunger. She has compiled those e-mails and accompanying comments from members of the outreach into Last Night’s Soup Runto inspire others to help the hungry and homeless. Whether it’s sharing one meal or starting your own Soup Run (which Kartson’s book will help you do), you can pass on this tradition of compassion, dignity, and love. Kartson's hope is that the compassionate among us continue to love them and feed them until none who walk among us are hungry or homeless.

By purchasing this book, you are helping the very people you're reading about: All proceeds go to Philoxenia, a nonprofit founded by Kartson, which provides funding for organizations that feed the hungry and care for the homeless.

OXI Day 2017

The Greek School commemorated the 77th anniversary of OXI Day with a short program at the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy. ΖΗΤΩ!

Last Night's Soup Run - Oct 2017

by Despina Kartson

"I was waiting all month for your hot chocolate," said one of our guests during last night's soup run. Our hot chocolate with whipped cream, delicious meals and warm conversations are offered to our guests on the streets of Manhattan every month and last night we were blessed to feed 125 individuals. The hungry and homeless were waiting for us and we couldn't unpack quickly enough. Some helped us unpack and set up our tables, others helped maintain order.

We met Rick who sticks together with a small group of other homeless men who look out for each other on the streets. He told us they respect the police because the police respect them, understanding their situation and allowing them to sleep overnight on the subway. Sal, who emigrated to the US from Morocco, calls the subway his home. Three years ago he lost everything and after two weeks staying in a shelter, decided to live on the streets where he feels safer. He also talked about the disrespectful way in which shelter staff treat the homeless, saying "they think we were always homeless and that we are bums but they have no idea". Listening to Sal and Rick, we are reminded that whether it is a police officer, shelter worker or any one of us, treating the homeless with dignity and respect is one of the simple things they crave.

Another man told us how he manages to have a cup of tea every day. Buying his own tea bags, he gets a cup of hot water from Starbucks and saves the cup. When people ask him why he spent money on Starbucks, he is proud to explain his frugal approach to enjoying his simple pleasure - a cup of hot tea.

Robert has become one of our "regulars" over the last year. We have mixed feelings about seeing some of the same guests every month - we are happy to feed them one more time but we are concerned about their chronic homelessness and their mental and physical health. Robert is not in good shape at all. He has open wounds, won't allow us to give him a shirt and walks the streets wearing tattered and torn pants and remnants of a shirt. But he did let Fr. Patrick buy him a foldable wagon for his few possessions after he complained about his plastic bags falling apart. With all of his issues, Robert seeks us out every month and talks with Fr. Patrick and others. We are making small connections - he needs our prayers.

Thank you to all who are a part of our monthly outreach to the homeless including Manny, Zachary and Kelly for preparing the food, our anonymous sponsor of last night's soup run, and the many volunteers and supporters from the Philoptochos and Holy Trinity community. We are in need of warm clothing - sweat shirts, jackets, pants and socks. Please donate what you can of your time, talent and treasures. Join us on November 30th.


Sophie Louros - Memory Eternal!

With joyful sorrow and hope in the Resurrection, we announce the passing of Sophie Vrahnos Louros.

Visitation was from 9:30-11 a.m. on Friday, Oct. 27, with Trisagion service at 10 a.m. at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, 10 Mill Rd., New Rochelle, NY 10804; Funeral service followed at 11 a.m. with burial at the Bronxville Cemetery immediately following. Afterward, the family treated everyone to a wonderful makaria in the social hall.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, 10 Mill Rd., New Rochelle, NY 10804; or to Barnard College, Box AS, 3009 Broadway, New York, NY 10027.


First Annual AHEPA Golf Outing a Success

The Jim Plevritis-Joe Keane Evzone Chapter 405 is proud to report a very successful inaugural golf outing. Held at the beautiful Leewood Country Club in Eastchester NY, the tournament was host to 60 golfers and 25 additional dinner guests. The celebration of Gabriel Damascus's birthday  - and of course the excitement of the raffles - served as the culmination of a wonderful day. Unfortunately, no players sunk a hole-in-one on the 9th hole. Had they done so, they would have driven away in a new Jaguar SUV! 

The AHEPA offers its sincerest thanks to all who supported the event, and especially to the team who worked so tirelessly to make it a success: Phil Koutsis, Kion Papageorge, Zachary Marantis, Harry Fotiadis, John Copulos, Costa Papademetriou, Greg Apostle, John Daskos, Cynthia Herzegovitch, and Constance Mavrovitis.

Iona College Hellenic Club Dinner

Father Nick treated The Hellenic Club of Iona College to dinner at Elia Restaurant on Oct. 24th with Adjunct Professor John Metaxas.


Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

The annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk was held Sunday, October 14 in Purchase, NY. Our Holy Trinity Team walked in memory of Linda Kyriakos Faustini. The group is also pictured with members of our sister parish Church of Our Saviour in Rye. Participants from Holy Trinity established a goal of raising $5000, which they more than doubled!