Sunday Highlights

Χρόνια Πολλά on the Feast Day of Saint Phanourios - patron saint for all lost things. Yesterday, several parishioners prepared phanropites on the occasion of the feast day, and Fr. Nick read prayers and explained the tradition. In addition, birthday wishes were extended on behalf of the community to Diane Romeo - who celebrated her 97th birthday!

Sunday Highlights

Paraklisis prayers were chanted today at the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy on the last Sunday before the feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary on August 15th.

AHEPA Sunday 2018


AHEPA Sunday was commemorated this morning at the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy remembering the founders of our AHEPA chapter - James Plevritis/Joseph Keane. In addition the oath of affirmation was given to the new officers including Harry Fotiadis, President; Jon John Copulos, Vice President; and Jon Kohilakis, Secretary. The chapter also thanked Joe Keane for his many years of service and dedication as chapter president.

Theater Group Buys Costumes for Dance Troupe


Georgeanne Mavrovitis, on behalf of the Holy Trinity Theater Group, presented a check for over $5,000 to our Dance Troupe director Nick Gregory for the acquisition of authentic Greek folk costumes (from various regions of Greece) for the dancers to dress in while performing. The proceeds were raised during the recent Taverna Night.

Greek School Mothers' Day Program

Students of our afternoon Greek School read poems in Greek and English on the occasion of Mother’s Day following the Divine Liturgy.

Holy Week and Pascha 2018

Sunday Highlights: Easter Sunday

onderful Vesper Service of the Resurrection. The Gospel was read in several languages including Greek, English, Spanish, Latin, French, German, Russian and Luo. The service ended with a procession of the Resurrection Icon and the distribution of red and chocolate eggs (and Easter egg hunt, too).

Sunday Highlights: Palm Sunday

eautiful Palm Sunday Divine Liturgy and procession of the Sunday School students and blessing of the palms.